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Thursday, November 19, 2009


...and then it was done!!! This evening, as we were trying to get dressed for karate, Nolan was whining (yes, Nolan whines - thankfully it's not a constant in our lives - tho that seems to make it even more unbearable) about not wanting to go!! Hoping against hope that Mr. Tony would call and cancel. He was whining about putting on his karate suit. "I can't do nothing". Mom says "I know, you can't and it's frustrating!!" Nolan: "Well, I wish I can just say "poof" and it be done!!" Mom: "Well, son - it just doesn't work that way"! With a long, sullen face Nolan says "I know mom, only God can do that!! Like when He wants pie all He has to do is say pie and poof it's there!!" Thank you Grace Community School - thank you Mrs. Youngblood!!! And, thank you God for blessing us w/ the most sweet, sweet son!!

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