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Monday, May 3, 2010

First Leg of Our Hill Country Run

Robert, Nolan and I set out Wednesday morning for the Hill Country! Well, first we had a stop in Rockdale to meet my parents. Nolan went to LaGrange with them from there and Robert and I continued on to Fredericksburg. Even Harley had a vacation - we left her with Peggy. The lady we bought her from!! Peggy just loves to keep her and seeing that she has several dogs ~ Harley loves it too!! We arrived at the RV park around 4, set up camp and met up w/ Dennis and Lynda for supper and made plans for the following day. Thursday morning we met for breakfast at the Sunset Grill and then headed toward Bandera. What a beautiful ride that was! (BTW - we were on our Harleys for the weekend!!) We rode Highway 16 from Fredericksburg to Bandera! The ride was so breathtaking. Many clear running creeks along the winding road. Many beautiful ranches but I was surprised that we didn't see many wildflowers. Our first stop was Koyote Ranch.

After a cold beverage, we headed to Bandera. Our first stop was the 11th Street Cowboy Bar. Another cool place. Tho Robert and I were both skeptical at first sight:

We quickly learned that looks can be deceiving! I bet it's a happening place when the sun goes down!!

We then moved on to Arkey Blue's Silver Dollar Bar. Now that place had character!! I can just imagine the goings on back in the day!! You wouldn't even know this place was there (if you weren't w/ Dennis or someone else that has been there or knew about it)!! There's just a door front w/ an "Open" sign and a steep stair way down:

There's even a table that Hank Williams Sr. carved his name in!! Talk about some history in that place!!

We then went across the street to grab some lunch at Bandera's Saloon and Grill. Not nearly the history there nor the neatest character but some really good food.

After getting our bellies full, we headed back to Fredericksburg traveling thru Comfort. We went back to the RV, rested awhile and got ready to meet the rest of the group that came in that afternoon. We headed out to the Alamo Springs Cafe which is home of one of the Top Ten Burgers in Texas in 2009 in the Texas Monthly Magazine - it was all that and more!! It's another spot off of the beaten track that if you didn't know about or someone didn't tell you about - you'd probably never get to experience it! It's actually near the The Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area that is home to up to three million Brazilian free-tailed bats!! After enjoying a yummy supper, we all got on our Harley's and rode off into the sunset back to Fredericksburg to get ready for the next day's ride.


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