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Friday, October 2, 2009

Thanking God too much

Is it really possible to thank God too much!?! I just can't help but thank Him many, many times a day for the healthy, happy, sweet, sweet son He has blessed us with!!! Nolan is such a precious gift to us from God!! We went to Canton today and had a great day!!!! He was a real trooper - as always!!! We stopped at the first dealer's spot and w/i 5 minutes he was already ready to move on. I'm thinking "Oh this is going to be a long day!!" So, I put him off as long as I could and went on. Just a short while up the pavilion we came to some guns w/ the corks at the end. (For the life of me I can't remember what they are called - air guns, maybe!?!?) Of course he fell in love w/ them and I hesitated for a minute thinking the usual mother's thought - bribe him and tell him that if he's good we'll get it later or get it then and use it as a "weapon" (no pun intended) and tell him if he acts up I'll take it away. (Yeah, like I felt like carrying it around all day!!!!) He was absolutely wonderful the rest of the day!!! We walked, we looked, we walked, we looked, he shot at "pretend" bad guys and pumpkins and talked to anyone and everyone - even if they weren't paying attention - not that many couldn't not pay attention to him!!!! We stopped for a corn dog and lemonade and then continued to shop and shoot. We were there from 11-4 and had no troubles. He never whined or complained!! He made friends along the way! Talked to everyone he could and petted every pup that he was allowed to!!! It was a wonderful day spent together!!! When we were leaving, he actually stated that: "Mom, thanks for a great time together!!!" Thank you, my precious son!!! I only hope that I can be the "bestest mom" that you think that I am because you are by far the best son any parent could ever ask for!!! I thank the good Lord above for the wonderful gift that you are to us and that I have waited for so long for!! No, I can never thank God too much or often enough for you!!!

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