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Monday, February 16, 2009

First, latest on my last post - we supposedly (I haven't checked yet) will be refunded the charge from Thursday after stating that we wouldn't turn in the owner of the clinic for practicing w/ an expired license! I am going today to a different dentist to get a new crown put on! Hopefully, that will be that!!

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!! Nolan suggested that we make Dad some blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast! What a treat for us! Since both Robert and I are "trying" to diet!! They turned out yummy if I say so myself!! Then the boys gave me my Valentine's present! A beautiful James Avery ring! I truly LOVE it!!!

Dad got a bottle of cologne and Nolan got some books. Something I started w/ his first Valentine's Day. Usually (of course) about "I Love You". After that we went to Brownsboro and signed Nolan up for Tee Ball and then headed into Tyler to Academy for a bat, balls, gloves and all of the paraphernalia that goes along w/ that!! Robert picked out his birthday gift! A trolling motor for our boat!! Yeah, not as cool as my ring!! We went to lunch at Fat Katz - a yummy Cajun restaurant. We figured that would be better than waiting in a long line that evening. We then made it home and as the boys installed the motor, I had chores to do and then we had to take the boat out to check out the new motor!! Nolan LUVS driving the boat!! We tried to cook steaks outside, but a major thunder storm hit just as soon as we got them on the open flame!! After we put Nolan to bed we finally watched "Fireproof"! What an awesome Valentine's movie!! It was truly wonderful and what an eye (not to mention heart) opener! I suggest anyone and everyone to watch this movie!! No matter what shape their marriage is in!! EXCELLENT!!

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  1. I heard that was supposed to be a GREAT movie, Second Baptist was showing it last night, but we had a birthday party to go to , which we were late gettin too after Elmo! Have a GREAT day ! LOVE YA SIS!