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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scary craft making!

Much to my dismay, I received a note home w/ Nolan last week from school. They will be having a Valentine's Day party tomorrow. This year we were to furnish our own boxes! I know, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?!??! Last year they decorated some at school! Anyone that knows me well enough knows that I am SO NOT the artsy craftsy kinda gal!! UGH! Ask me to cook/bake almost anything and I'll give it my best shot. But don't count on anything handmade from me!! But he's really proud of the job he did and that's all that matters - right?!?! If it wasn't for the MOPS meetings - and the crafts we (try to - speaking for myself) do - I really wouldn't think I'd have one creative bone in my body! Tho I (w/ some help ;) ;) ) did create one beautiful son, if I say so myself!! The thing w/ ribbon and candy hearts is a picture frame that I attempted to make at the last craft day @ MOPS. The only thing missing is a pic of my Valentine Sweethearts!! Soon, real soon!!

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