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Monday, December 28, 2009


...of my telling of our Christmas trip to Eureka Springs (hopefully I'll get back to that - soon - 'cause we did have a GREAT time) but I couldn't resist sharing this:

As you know from my previous post - Nolan was feeling pretty rotten as our trip started. Unfortunately he felt bad during the whole trip. Better at times, worse at times. But he was such a trooper!! We've been blessed with how well he acts even though he feels bad!! Long story short - this morning he felt pretty rough again. The trip caught up w/ him, I'm guessing. So I called right away and got the first available appointment. We were getting ready and fixin to walk out the door as he was trying (unsuccessfully) to blow his nose. I know, he's 4 and he still hasn't gotten it down!?!? Well, honestly, between you and I - he (man, how I hate to say this "out loud") really hasn't been sick very much of his 4 years of his life!! (Side note - THANK YOU, JESUS!!) Back to his nose - I'm guessing since it has been running almost non-stop since Wednesday morning - it started to bleed some. Not really bad but enough to frighten Nolan. He started crying - almost hysterically. As I was trying to calm him down, he tells me that he was "so sad". I asked him why and he replied "I'm so sad 'cause I'm going to die!!!" I was startled and puzzled. Then it dawned on me - every time he's hurt and/or bleeding, Robert asks him where his heart is. Nolan would answer him and then Robert would reply that the pain/blood was too far from his heart - that he'd be okay. I'm thinking that since his nose isn't really that far from his heart......

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